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60 IS THE NEW 60!

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

By 2060 we'll have a whopping 94.7 million midlife mavens roaming the planet, up from 56 million in 2020. The number of children is dropping faster than our collagen levels, with only 20% of them expected to be running around by 2060. Meanwhile, the 65-and-over crew will comprise 23% of the population. Talk about a demographic makeover!

Menopause, the universal rite of passage that screams, "You've made it!" (unless the zombie apocalypse gets you first), is a transition you will experience. It's like puberty's older, wiser cousin who visits on average between ages 45 and 55, bringing gifts like hot flushes and a reason to blast the AC even in winter.

Here’s the good news: it's the start of something fabulous. Forget the monthly mess; hello, newfound freedom! And let’s not forget the goldmine of wisdom. Decades of "been there, done that" give you the confidence to dance like no one’s watching and the courage to say “no” without batting an eyelid.

With the kids flying the coop, life's playground gets even bigger. Modern women aren’t just sipping tea and knitting in their menopausal years. They’re launching businesses, globe-trotting, and reminding everyone that age is, indeed, a mere number.

Menopause does not mean putting your sexuality in the retirement home. Quite the opposite! It's like rediscovering your favorite song but with better speakers. The worries of unplanned mini-yous are gone, giving way to liberated, confident intimacy. Sure, Mother Nature might throw in challenges like vaginal dryness, but hey, there's a fix for almost everything these days – from sassy lubes to some pelvic floor pumping!

As for all the single ladies (and those re-entering the dating scene), menopause offers a blend of "OMG, what now?" and "Heck, I've got this!" With a life's worth of experiences, there's less baggage and more know-how. The butterflies of youth are replaced by the eagles of confidence. And intimacy? Let’s own that sexy lingerie and ask for what we want and need in the bedroom (or wherever you prefer your sexual encounters). Whether you're swiping right, left, or just dancing through this phase solo, menopause is your VIP ticket to a grand adventure.

You know what gets even better? The bedroom boogie. That's right, the sizzle doesn't stop after 50; it often intensifies. Without the threat of diaper duty and with a dash of seasoned confidence, many women find themselves reconnecting with their sensual side, exploring desires more boldly, and experiencing a depth of intimacy that can make their younger years look like a dress rehearsal.

With the wisdom of age, you've likely learned the art of communication, which can translate to more authentic and satisfying encounters. So, toss those outdated beliefs out the window! The menopausal chapter might just be the steamiest one yet. 🎉🔥💃🏼

Looking to learn more about sexuality in midlife? Listen to my podcast Taboo to Truth: Unapologetic Conversations about Sexuality in Midlife.

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